About Me

Roberto Brenes Entrepreneur, passionated about personal development and continuous improvement, I am a Coach, Consultant and NLP Trainer, I dedicate my time and energy to do what I like and the best part is that I do it along with the people I love, break up paradigms and fight to achieve my dreams is something that feeds my energies every day, I love reading so much to nourish my spirit, grow and learn as a habit that allows me to keep the saw sharpened, I am currently Executive Director of IDN Consultores, Global Coaching School and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Throughout my professional career, I have had the opportunity to work and get to know other cultures, industries and markets, providing professional services in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ghana, Nigeria and Peru, which has allowed me to grow, learn and travel at the same time.

My passion about continuous development has permitted me to train and study different areas of organizational and personal development, MBA from Universidad Centroaméricana UCA, Nicaragua, postgraduate studies at INCAE Business School, Business Extension and Microfinance Management, Certified as Senior Consultant and Trainer at INCAE, NLP Trainer at The NLP Society – Richard Bandler, USA, Executive Business Coach ACCA, USA, Certified Life Coach, ILC Academy, USA and Team Coaching CoachSi, Spain, among other specialization that complement my professional training.